Thailand enjoys a dynamic and diversified media scene. Compared to other countries in South East Asia, the Thai media is relatively free, although the government continues to exercise significant control, in particular over broadcast media and websites.

Traditional Media

  • Over 30 daily and bi-weekly newspapers, two of which are published in English (Bangkok Post and The Nation).
  • The circulation of Thai-language dailies is relatively high, from 280,000 copies for political and economic news (ASTV Poojadkarn, Matichon) to over 1,000,000 copies for general information (Thai Rath, Daily News).
  • Over 250 monthly and fortnightly magazines in all categories: automotive, men, women, teens, travel, entertainment, lifestyle, real estate, health, IT, etc.
  • 22.1 million Thai households have access to television (free TVs: 11.1 million – satellite or cable television: 11 million)

Thailand is a country where both local and foreign companies can implement effective communications campaigns, supported by true professionalism and modern technology.

Internet and Social Media

  • 83% of Thais own at least one smartphone.
  • 82% internet users compared to total population (2018).
  • Number of mobile connections in the country, compared to total population:149% (#3 behind Cambodia and Vietnam).
  • Bangkok is the number 1 city of Facebook, with above 104 percent penetration according to Social Bakers.
  • Number of Social Media Users logging in via mobile devices: 52% (#3 behind Brunei and Singapore).

facebook users in thailand 52 million users   line users in thailand 42 miilion users
youtube users in thailand 26 million users   twitter users in thailand 12 million users
instagram users in thailand 13.6 million users