Paul Dumont, President & CEO

Paul Dumont - Francom Asia CEO

A true PR strategist, Paul has spent over twenty-five years in Asia. He has become a trusted name in the field and many local and international corporations have benefited from his solid know how, vast experience and, most of all, his honest, no-nonsense approach.

Paul holds an Economics Degree from the University of Rennes and graduated from the prestigious Institute of Political Science in Paris.  He first worked as a journalist for several years, after obtaining a diploma from the Journalism School in Paris (CFJ).

After a stint with the US PR giant Hill & Knowlton in its Paris office, he moved to Bangkok in 1990 to open the first Asian office of Groupe Francom, then France’s number one PR company.

An independent firm since 1996, Francom Asia, with a strong team of professionals, has become the PR backbone of many companies in various sectors.

An avid follower of international politics, Paul has become an astute observer of Thai and Asian politics, providing his clients with insightful analytical reports.

Wandee Lerdsupongkit, Account Director

A Thai citizen, Wandee has been with Francom Asia for over two decades. Equipped with a Master of Arts from Thammasat University (Mass Communications and Journalism), plus a Bachelor of Arts from Chulalongkorn University, Wandee is an experienced PR professional used to working with international companies and organizations.

Wandee’s thorough knowledge of the Thai media scene, along with her proven skills in organizing the most challenging events, translates to the successful implementation of her projects.

Francom Asia Staff

Francom Asia has an energetic team of Account Managers, Account Executives, Copywriters and Translators in English and in Thai, who are all graduates of the most prestigious universities in Thailand. They have been carefully selected and trained to assist clients in all sectors.

Francom Asia’s working organization is divided according to clients instead of activities. This means that our clients deal with the same team of consultants, regardless of the activities to be prepared and implemented.

Based on past experience, we strongly believe in the effectiveness of this organization. It enables Francom Asia’s consultants to get a global view and understanding of our clients’ communications strategies and objectives.